Steve Carra is a graduate of Western Michigan University with majors in economics and political science. He is active in Michigan politics and is a Legislative Aide to Rep. Steve Johnson (R-Wayland). Steve is a staff writer for iVoteMichigan, a part of the iVoteAmerica Network.

Heartbeat bills are sweeping the nation. Michigan could bring the national tide to a new level.  Nine states have passed heartbeat bills in hopes of sending Roe v. Wade to the scrapheap of history, but Michigan is different.

Other states have relied on a favorable state House, Senate, and Governor to pass heartbeat bills, but Michigan has a unique opportunity.

The Veto Proof Power of Petition

With a citizen-initiated petition, Michigan Heartbeat Coalition (MHC) is seeking to get the necessary 340,047 signatures of registered voters to put this petition to a vote of the people.

Interestingly enough, the Michigan State Legislature can adopt a ballot with a simple majority in both chambers. For numerous reasons, the pro-life Michigan House and Senate are expected to adopt this critical petition drive which could set the tone for future petition efforts to follow suit.

Michigan’s pro-abortion Governor Gretchen Whitmer can’t veto a ballot proposal that gets adopted by the legislature. It goes around her, doesn’t even have to be voted on by the people at the next election, and is enacted into law.

States are Taking a Stand

Michigan could become the 10th state to essentially wave a flag and demand the U.S. Supreme Court re-evaluate Roe v. Wade on the understanding that the detection of a heartbeat is a clear indicator of life and worth protection. Roe was decided on the notion that it was “potential human life” in the womb.

Nearly 50 years later with the onset of scientific and medical advancements, it’s clear that babies with beating hearts who suck their thumbs are very much alive, emotional, and deserving of protection under the law.

When asked what this could mean for other states, MHC President Corey Shankleton replied, “Many more states may come on board after Michigan, from Tennessee who would round out all four out of four states in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, to our pro-life neighbors in Indiana, to other states that have the potential to do a petition drive.”

The Sixth Circuit, US Court of Appeals is potentially the most pro-life circuit court in the nation and could send a favorable ruling to the US Supreme Court. “The political pressure of having so many states nationwide, varying circuit decisions and the full delegation of 6th circuit states behind heartbeat bills is sure to get the attention of the Supreme Court,” Shankleton said. “It’s up to us to make this happen.”
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For more information on how you can help Michigan gather the necessary signatures needed to join the nationwide effort to scientifically and medically take down Roe v. Wade, visit  Please, FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED, we need your support.

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